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How to not regret eating everything you love this Thanksgiving…or any holiday.

Make a conscious choice to eat

If there is a specific dish that you look forward to every holiday (mine are stuffing and my mom’s corn pudding) make a point to eat those dishes. Just don’t fill your entire plate with it.

Eat with awareness

Be mentally present when you eat. Taste it. Savor it. Enjoy the experience of eating it (the smell, the texture, the company, the conversation, the setting, etc.) Sometimes the entire experience is what a dish special not the ingredients.

Do not feel guilty about it

Relax when the meal the meal is over. Move on to another activity. The more wholeheartedly you do whatever comes next, the less you will think about what you just ate.

Please remember this holiday season:

Enjoy the company of your family and/or friends (they are what make holidays special)

Enjoy the imperfections (they are what make holidays truly memorable)

Enjoy all the wonderful tastes of the season, eating and cooking should be an enjoyable experience.

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