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1.Move Every Day

I know, I know everyone knows this but most people think of movement as going to the gym. Before you groan and click away…what I am suggesting is find any kind of movement that you enjoy doing and do that on a regular basis.  Here are some examples:

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This is a recipe I recently made and it was wonderful for the chilly dreary days we've been having here in Pennsylvania. 

2 bags of carrots ( I used 1 bag of multicolored and 1 bag orange from Trader Joes)

1 box of precut butternut squash

1/2 of a small onion, chopped


The legendary Johnny Appleseed (yes, he was a real person, his name was John Chapman) was born in 1774. He wanted to be sure that no one would ever be hungry, so in his twenties he started his 50 year quest of planting apple trees across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oh...

What is ulcerative colitis?

According to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), “Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease of the large intestine, also known as the colon, in which the lining of the colon becomes inflamed and develops tiny open sores, or ul...

The sinuses are thin, air filled chambers in the cartilage around the nose, sides of the forehead, the eye sockets and in the cheekbones. When sinus openings are obstructed, infected pus collects in these pockets causing pain and swelling.

Sinusitis is an inflammation o...

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